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I can't have it both ways, I'm sorry that I said goodbye, people say I did the right thing, but they don't have to cry, I can love you for all the things that you are, and then hate you for all the things that you're not, I want you to go, I want you to stay, but I can't have it both ways..


By Maronya · January 25, 2010 · 0 Comments ·
''Chillin, Illin, Killin, Drugs Dealin, Ya feelin? Me?''

My love for you will never die
how much other people try and try
they don't have any might
cause we fight
i love you




Always a smile on my face,
Even when my heart is
crying I will smile.
You don't even see my tears,
You don't wanna know my pain.
I'm scared, a part of me knows why it's just like this and i don't understand.
I don't wanna feel this pain anymore.
I don't wanna cry anymore,
I'm just standing and thinking about so many questions.
it's break me further, then it's already did.
I can't change it, I feel powerless.
Pain, I just feel pain,
When I'm alone with my thoughts, it's like I fall deeper and deeper.
I don't know who i can trust,
I want to give up,
A girl who runs away from the pain.
There is a voice inside my head who tells me what to do.
But it's not what I want.
I'm just running away for it!
I just want to leave this place.
Run away,
Disappear in the dark when no one is there to save me..



I just wanna stop loving you, but I can't!
My love for you is so strong, that I can't give up!
Everytime I see you around and my feelings getting deeper!
A little time, I don't see you than it's like my feelings
are slowly gone and than you came up again ..
It's like you belong to me!
I don't know what youre doing with me!
I just wanna be next to you ..
By day I'm sitting here thinking about you every second,
By night I dream about you ..
And everytime I feel stupid that i'm so in love!
I can't hold you even I can't let you go
that look in youre eyes, It's killing me ..
I need you, I love you!


By Maronya · January 7, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

this love is taking all off my energy


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<3 real friends

By Maronya · October 14, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

the people i love the most

hold on, be strong

By Maronya · October 14, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


By Maronya · September 5, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

missin' my baby..

my last day

By Maronya · September 5, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

When it's my last day, then it's my last day
But until that day, you can't take away
How they scream my name, how I pimp this game
Critically acclaimed, until my last day

Y'all better stand up or sit down, cause I'ma be here
Pull up a beach chair and pop you a Becks beer
I'ma live it up, 'til I'm a hundred with gray hair
Glass house in Bel-Air that's, high up in the mountain
Golden gates, and the brass water fountain
'Til my last day, I'm goin hard
And I ain't slowin up, 'til the Heliport's in my back yard
'Til my whole team sign they name on that black card
'Til I bring New York back, 'til I show you where I'm from
'Til I show you how it's done, show you why I'm number one
'Til my peeps is out the hood, 'til I buy my moms a jet
'Til I own my first island and cash a trillion dollar check
'Til I'm at the top of Forbes' richest lookin kosher
With my name and my picture, right next to Oprah
In negotiations with Bill Gates and his broker
'Til I'm with Jehovah it ain't over 'til it's over

Besides God, what the fuck should I fear?
The only one could stop me is that chick in the mirror
I built my career on, blood sweat and tears
And I'm still here, gettin stronger each year
Cause what don't kill me, could only help build me
I guess all that dirt just made me more filthy
If being loyal's a crime, then I'm so guilty
If you was missin a spine you'd still have to feel me
Some came and went but your girl is everlasting
'Til the day I'm gasping
And niggaz droppin tears on my Versace casket
And I'm, reunited with Big, like nigga what happened?
Shit got drastic, I missed you with a passion
By now they should realize I'm not the average rap chick
Ain't nuttin they could do now to stop my shine
This is God's plan homey, it ain't mine

Until my heartbeat stops, my flesh goes numb
And the last breath leaves my lung, I'll be
The big Q.B., the problem in Prada
The bitch that these rap hoes wanna become
I been hated on many times, adored and idolized
Check your stats, I'm all that, bottom line
It's all there in black and white, read it and weep
I'm the, perfect example of keepin it street
Cause when it's all said and done and at the end of the day
My actions spoke louder than whatever they say
Yeah I'll rep the hood, stood the test of time
So a cell'll hold my body and never my mind
So, never mind any of y'all petty tactics
I'm gettin fetty, movin through them tax brackets
Bitch you gotta be kiddin me, Kim's the epitome
I'm the ghost of Big so you could never get rid of me

lil kim.

By Maronya · August 25, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


maronya & lisette - getttt drunkkkkkkkkkkk''
lobiiiiii you <3


lisette & maronya, jeeeeee moet niet zittteeehhh aan meeee nikeeieehs


By Maronya · August 11, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

oke nice, niet veel te vertellen.. beetje tired over here'' i hate working to hard. bladiebla; bye''


ADIDAS, history*

By Maronya · August 6, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Adidas was founded in 1924 in Germany by two bothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler. The company was first named Dassler shoes and later became Adidas. By the Dassler shoes being seen in the Olympics this really helped the company get it’s name known. However, in 1948 Rudolf Dassler leaves to start his own company which is now known as Puma. Once Rudolf left his brother came up with the famous three stripes logo and changed the name to Adidas.

The 3 stripes were created to keep the foot stable, but ended up being the logo. Throughout the years Adidas was seen in the Olympics, and it was the leading brand making their shoes highly sought after by Olympic athletes. In 1978, Adi Dassler passed at age 78 and his wife Kathe ran the company. Six years later Kathe passed and the company was left for their son Horst Dassler to run, and three years later Horst passed at age 51. After Horst’s death Adidas ran into some major financial problems, and later Bernard Tapie comes to make an attempt to save the company.

Well to be HONEST, later down the road a hip-hop group named Run-DMC came and put Adidas on another level just like Jordan did for Nike, and the rest is HISTORY! They even made a song called "My Adidas", and it was a hit all around the world. After Run-DMC came to Adidas they even had their own signature line. Run DMC is still making Adidas money today just like Jordan is still making Nike tons of money.. these guys are true legends to the "Shoe Game".

Adidas has worked with many famous people and has a signature shoe line for Stan Smith, Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady aka TMAC, Missy Elliot, and many others.


One of the posts on EU Kicks that has generated the most comments is the Adidas Rasta Jacket. The jacket which released in the fall of 2006 is long gone but its coveted to this day. Unless you find the ‘96 randomly consider the Spring 2008 Adidas Chile62 Rasta Track Top. The jacket comes in a black, yellow and green colorway in polyester materials. The jacket is a Footlocker Europe Exclusive.

Women's Sleek Reversible Candy Supergirl Track Top.
The adidas Super Girl Track Jacket is a sporty piece that was influenced by adidas' rich legacy of original classics, and is perfect for lounging and everyday wear. It's made of 80% nylon/20% polyester and is decorated with a distinctive lining with an all-over mini Trefoil print for the perfect touch. Imported.


© adidas


By Maronya · August 5, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


loveeeeeeeeeeé this song 
tupac - i'm alive ( 2009 )




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† 05-06-2009 †

altijd als je me aan keek
had je een lach op je gezicht
het is zo raar nu heb je je ogen dicht
ik kan je niet meer zien
nee, jij bent hier nu niet meer
maar jij ziet mijn nog elke dag
want jij kijkt op mij neer
je bent mijn Oma
dat heb ik altijd geweten
waar ik nu ook heen ga
ik zal je nooit vergeten

i miss u so much..


johnta austin.

i'm a soldier for ya lové